Bud & Alley’s Restaurant – Seaside, Florida

Bud & Alley’s Restaurant – Seaside, Florida

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Bud & Alley’s: Where Unpretentious Gulf Coast Cuisine Reigns Supreme-

Dave Rauschkolb, an avid poker player, took a big gamble the day he and friend Scott Witcoski said, “Yes!” to Robert Davis when asked to open a restaurant in Seaside.  In those days Scenic 30-A was just a quiet coastal road and Seaside a lonely outpost.  It was 1985 and Davis approached Witcoski, a seasoned chef at 24, and Rauschkolb, a marketing and management student who waited tables and bartended, about taking over the space where a former French restaurant stood in Seaside. Once the surfing duo looked out at the porch and gazed at the emerald Gulf waters, Rauschkolb says, “It felt like home,” and within 24 hours the young men were embarking on a culinary journey of a lifetime.

View from the Gulf

From the start, Rauschkolb oversaw the front of the house and Witcoski honed his already impressive skills as the Executive Chef. Everything was working out well for them except a name. Rauschkolb says, “It seemed crazy at the time, but Scott said we should name the restaurant after his cat Alley, and Robert’s dachshund, Bud.”

A quarter of a century later, Bud & Alley’s Restaurant is still a favorite of locals and tourists alike, serving up some of the best regional cuisine in the Panhandle; unpretentious and casual. Rauschkolb says, “The philosophy of the restaurant has remained the same; to serve the freshest, locally available food prepared simply. We are so fortunate to have an abundance of the freshest seafood right in our back yard. “

Sunset dining on the patio


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