30AEats.com contributor’s, Erin and Matt Browne, are the faces behind Brownie Bites: They visited Old Seagrove Beach, Florida and spent a lot of time enjoying the town of Seaside and scenic hwy. 30A.  Stay tuned this week for more stories and beautiful photos by Brownie Bites!

After a full day of beachin’ and driving over to Destin for some outlet shopping, we were hungry.  And I don’t mean the, “Yeah, it’s dinnertime and I could eat,” kind of hungry… I mean the kind of hungry where you might end up killing your beloved spouse if you don’t get some food in your stomach post haste.  In fact, we were hangry.  Hangry = hungry + angry.  It’s not a good place to be.  So when we decided to make the easy drive over to Rosemary Beach to check out Cowgirl Kitchen, we were ready to chow!


You can check out their main website at www.cowgirlkitchen.com/rosemary.html and their Facebook page right here.  Cowgirl also has a Seagrove location for their market and cafe which serves up breakfast tacos and biscuits, sandwiches, salads, soups, and other take home items.  It’s also a specialty food market!  You can find information about the market and its location right here.


We were all surprised at just how… adorable… Rosemary Beach is.  I didn’t even know this place existed!  With its quaint little side streets and small shops and cafes right next to the beach, you’d think you were strolling through some fancy coastal town in Europe instead of the Florida panhandle.  Love it!


 We had a little bit of a wait for a table, so we wandered over to the beach access to take in the sunset.  The actual beach here is private and blocked by a locked gate, but you can still get a good view!

Finally time to nosh!


 Cowgirl’s motto is “Where Beach Meets West” and you can see that sentiment reflected in the menu.  A lil spice here, a lil seafood there, and there’s plenty of choices for everyone, with a simpler menu available for the little ones that includes hot dogs, mac and cheese, and even PB&J’s.


 Matt and I started with the Cowgirl Machita Dip, which is queso with chorizo, jalapenos, tomatoes, and chopped green onion.  I do not eat chorizo very often because I know I will pay for it in the form of major heartburn when I’m trying to sleep later that night.  This time was no different, but come on… you gotta just go for it sometimes.


 For our main course, we shared the 30A Special pizza, which is a white pizza with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, black olives, green olives, portobello mushrooms, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, white truffle oil, sea salt, and fresh parmesan.  Because feta is on my list of cheeses deemed “unfit for pregnancy”, I ordered my half without the feta.  It’s pretty uncharacteristic of us to order a meat-free pizza, but this was a refreshing choice.  I enjoyed the

thin crispy crust, just enough cheese to not overpower the veggies, and the mingling of the olive and truffle oils.  My only “gripe” about this pizza was that it was a little heavy on the olives compared to the mushrooms.  This is totally just a personal preference because while I do like olives, I lovemushrooms, so I would have liked more of the portobello flavor in there.


 We sat outside on the patio and were there until well after the sun set.  Great atmosphere!

Erin, Matt, and Jasper Browne (5 days old) Jan 2015


 Erin says, “The name Brownie Bites comes from a common mispronunciation of our last name, Browne.  We have that pesky extra letter on the end of our otherwise very common name and we often hear it mispronounced as a well-loved chocolate-y treat.  Since this is a lifestyle blog, the word “Bites” seemed appropriate.  Our blog is full of “bites” of our lives, many of which revolve around food.  Kinda perfect, no?

We’re 30-something food and photography obsessed nerds living in East Tennessee with our son, Jasper, and our adorable and rascally Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Dexter and Dewey.”

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