DIG eatery (which stands for Dig In Gulf), is a locally owned and operated family-friendly, cafe style eatery with some unique services. Offering breakfast, lunch and an early dinner, as well as a healthy selection of prepared meals to go., DIG eatery will also host cooking lessons with Owner and Executive Chef Brian Murray, formerly of Watercolor Inn & Resort and Emeril’s Restaurants.

Murray grew up in Connecticut with parents that immigrated from Ireland to live the American dream, and joyfully says, “My parents separately left Ireland for London, met each other there, and were married. My father bought tickets for a trip to America, and after departure, my mother found out they were one-way!”


Murray’s parents may have come with little, but built a great life as his mother became a registered nurse and father an agriculturalist with a primary focus in horticulture. Murray says, “ My father was a terrific gardener and grew our family’s fresh produce. My mother is a great baker and still makes the best Irish soda bread and brown bread.”

A series of restaurant summer jobs as a teen peaked his interest in the culinary world, and held his attention. Murray says, “I loved the intensity and camaraderie”


With a strong background in American regional cuisine, he enjoys working with the Gulf Coast’s freshest seafood and produce. A true farm to table approach has defined his style of cooking. Murray says, “we procure the best local ingredients, treat them well, prepare them simply, and that is the approach. The ingredients speak for themselves, and there is no hidden agenda in the food. If it is not good we just won’t use it!”


Chef Brian and his wife Monique, also formerly of Emeril’s Restaurants and Walt Disney World Resort, have lived in the Sandestin area for 8 years and believe this is the perfect place to raise their children. The Gulf Coast is an area of great seafood and great memories. DIG is excited to offer both in it’s coastal inspired dishes and relaxed atmosphere.

DIG is located at the The Market Shops next to entrance of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. The hours are 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, 7 days a week.


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