Gulf Coast Shrimp Melt

In the South we love Shrimp Salad. Fresh Shrimp plucked from Coastal waters, boiled in a spicy broth, chilled, peeled, and whipped with herbs and mayonaise; it is a staple in most households, and is favored at potlucks. Served on toast points, resting on a bed of lettuce, or in a big pretty glass bowl topped with boiled eggs, Chilled Shrimp Salad makes the perfect meal anytime of day.

When I am in Pensacola, as I was this weekend (so was Emeril filming his upcoming Cooking Channel segment called “Emeril’s Florida”), I buy my shrimp form Joe Patti’s or Maria’s Seafood. Whether in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, 30-A, New Orleans, or even traveling to Venice, Italy, I always try to buy local.

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In Kicked-Up Sandwiches, Emeril Lagasse writes about the classic shrimp salad and his fondness for New Orleans and Gulf Coast Seafood. He takes a tip from the timeless Tuna Melt, and decides to add Gruyere Cheese, melting it over the top of his sandwich creation. BAM! A Shrimp Melt is born, and that’s a #SeriousSandwich!

Though I can’t share the above recipe at this time, I can share a very similar Shrimp Salad of his, and can tell you that:

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Kicked-Up Southern Shrimp Salad Turned Melt!

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