Mac Farms Heirloom Tomato

Mac Farms, established in 2009 by locals Jen and Andy McAlexander, grow and distribute the highest quality, locally grown herbs and vegetables available in South Walton. Located in Point Washington, the McAlexander’s use the hydroponic style of farming that they learned from Stan Meadows, a local vegetable farmer. The actual farming process takes place at the front of their property, and the plants are stacked in their pots vertically, lined up in perfect rows. Mac Farms’ produce is notably superior in taste, appearance and nutritional value, and they do not use any pesticides.

Hydroponics translates from Latin to “water labor”, meaning the water is working to bring the nutrients to the plant as opposed to the soil. The water is sent though plastic tubing and allowed to drip on the vertically stacked plants where they can grow naturally. This growing method has been employed for centuries, dating back  several hundred years B.C., and is a means to grow in areas where the soil is not suitable or there are space restrictions. It eliminates the need for massive pesticide use, allowing for cleaner air, water and food.

MacFarms has a wonderful relationship with top area chefs, and provides local restaurants with fresh lettuces, tomatoes, herbs and other produce when the crops are at their peak ripeness.  The lettuce is cut the day it is delivered. You will find Mac Farms products on menus at Caliza, V seagrove and Seagars to name a few.

On MacFarms website, you will see the array of  produce and vegetables available for consumers to purchase. When the order is confirmed, South Walton delivery arrangements are then made. MacFarms is not open to visitors, nor do they sell directly from their business sites. Jen and Andy are hoping to expand even more this year, so it might be an option down the road.  If you have questions, email Jen at

The McAlexander’s are also in the olive oil business, purchasing and importing olive trees directly from Italy. Four species were purchased to create their oil blend, Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, and Pendolino, and then the trees ( not an easy task) were transported to the San Joaquin Valley in California. The olive oil can be purchased in local markets such as Modica market in Seaside, or directly through their website,