Photo: Grata Southern Cafe-Seaside, Florida 

Today is “National Hamburger Day.” As if we didn’t get our grill on enough this weekend, I’m thinking a good way to celebrate would be to fire it up once again to enjoy one of my family favorite recipes, The Ultimate Man Burger.

If you have the chance to Visit South Walton, and are just looking for a great burger, give these tried and true eateries a taste: They were voted’s Hot Spots For A Great Burger (click on name for more info).

1.  Seagrove Village Market Café

2.  Summer Kitchen Café

3.  Pickle’s Beachside Grille

4.  Shades at the Loop

5.  Great Southern Café

National Hamburger Day

No one knows for sure who made the first hamburger, but we’re pretty certain where the name comes from. In the late 1880s, German immigrants to America ground up beef steak to make it tenderer. A major port of departure from Germany to the U.S. at that time was the city of Hamburg. Thus, the resultant beef was named “Hamburg steak.” A few decades later the name was shortened to “hamburger,” and later to just “burger.”

Here are some other fun hamburger facts:

* In 1982, a 3,591 pound hamburger was cooked and shared by almost 10,000 people, earning it the claim to World’s Largest Hamburger.

* Hamburgers and cheeseburgers are responsible for a whopping 71 percent of all the beef served in U.S. restaurants.

* Americans eat about 14 billion hamburgers a year!

…So turn up the flame, pass the mustard, pop a cold one, and enjoy!

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