Mr. Charles Modica, Sr.

For many years and generations Mr. Charles Modica, Sr. was Seaside. Not only did he and his wife Sarah, open the first market in Seaside, they built one of the first homes on Tupelo street. Mr. Charles touched the hearts of locals and vacationers alike, including my family, and on June 21st, he will be honored on 30-A as part of the county highway will be named after him. The ceremony will take place in Seaside at 11am in the grassy area in front of Modica Market.

I met Mr. Modica in 1992, and moved to the area in 1999 on a permanent basis, spending quite a bit of time at the market, especially when building my home. He was charming, witty, and never forgot my children’s names when we visited the store. He loved adventure and travel and we had many conversations about his love of good food. Sadly, he passed away in the Fall of 2010.

As a child, my daughter likened him to Santa. He was jolly, kind-faced, as she said his eyes twinkled. They did. She went on to work for him as a young teen when attending the Seaside Middle School. My son soon followed, also attending Seaside Middle School, and their afternoon treat was visiting Mr. Modica and the Market with friends.

Now they are in college, but we still look forward to their weekends at home, when we ride our bikes and take friends and family visiting, to share in the delight of the markets spectacular waffles, a family tradition.

I for one am glad that the “ambassador” to Seaside will have a fitting memorial with the dedication of Charles, Modica, Sr. Hospitality Way, and my family will take pride in remembering Mr. Charles, Sr. as we continue to support the Modica family and their Market, creating future family memories.


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From the article in the
 Walton Sun:

“The State of Florida will designate the heart of County Road 30-A as “Charles Modica, Sr. Hospitality Way” during a Seaside ceremony June 21. The honorary naming memorializes longtime Seaside merchant Charles Modica, Sr., who died in 2010.

Senator Don Gaetz and Representative Matt Gaetz, who shepherded the designation through the Florida Legislature, will be joined by members of the Modica family at the event which will begin at 11:00 a.m. in the grassy area immediately to the south of the downtown Seaside block which includes the Modica Market.

Senator Gaetz, who served as Seaside’s first Town Chairman, describes Modica as “the unofficial mayor and goodwill ambassador of Seaside.” He said that the development of 30-A as a center for family-owned small businesses was largely inspired by the Modica family, who founded the market that bears their name in 1988.

“Mr. Modica’s life personified warmth and hospitality,” said Representative Gaetz. “The Modicas honor us by allowing his name to be associated with one of America’s most wonderful family destinations.”

The road designation will encompass that portion of County Road 30-A which lies between CR 283 and CR 395.

The brief ceremony will feature the presentation of colors by the Walton High School Air Force ROTC Honor Guard as well as participation by the Walton County Chamber of Commerce.

For further information please contact Michael Byrne by phone at 850-897-5747 or by email

To visit Modica Market: 109 Seaside Central Square | Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459
Toll Free (877) 809-0994 | Local (850) 231-1214 |

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