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I have lived in the area a very long time, just streets from Seaside where I raised my children, and I can honestly say that on more than 50 occasions, I have longed for some kind, any kind of good Asian street style food to be within a five mile radius of my home.

I’m singing a a happy tune these days thanks to Seaside, Florida who welcomes the Southest Asian street food truck Sóng to its famous Airstream Row!

Sóng actually means wave in Vietnamese, and owners Tommy and Patty Stein are planning on a big splash come July 1 when they open for business and unveil their new menu created with fresh local products.  I especially like the Blue Heron mascot flying on top the 1975 silver sleek airstream, serving as the accent mark in the Sóng logo.

Chef Tommy Stein grew up in the area working in local restaurants since the age of 14, but left in 2002 for California where he quickly climbed the ladder of San Francisco’s culinary ranks before taking a job offer in Australia.

Tommy spent the next four years working down under, but took frequent trips to Asia and became passionate about the flavor profiles, spices and food carts he discovered while there. The back alleys of Southeast Asia inspired his return home to 30A to open Sóng, where he sources from the best local producers while remaining dedicated to preserving the integrity of the ingredients in the dishes he creates for the menu.

Plan to follow Sóng Facebook page to see new photos and get updated information as it unfolds:

Below is a sample of the opening menu. Keep in mind they will constantly be changing items as they roll with the times!

Green Mango and Papaya Salad
lime, cilantro, chili, peanuts, and a ginger/tamarind salsa
Add: gulf shrimp or blue crab

Fresh Spring Rolls
cucumber, carrot, vermicelli, thai basil, crispy shallot with ponzu soy
Add: gulf shrimp or blue crab

Seared Tuna with Glass Noodles
sesame crusted yellowfin, house hoisin, greens, sweet peppers and sprouts

Korean Tacos
braised beef or blackened fish of the day, pickled cucumber, cabbage and beet slaw, kimchi ketchup

Vietnamese Sandwich
kurabuta pork, gulf shrimp, or blue crab
baguette, pickled carrot, daikon, cilantro, avocado aioli

Photo: by Brandan Babineaux

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