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My blogging friend JT from menusniper.com is like me, passionate about food.

He spends hours researching, plotting, and preparing Google maps in his quest to discover the world’s best pizza, chocolate, burger, tres leches, donut, etc.

JT’s goal is to bring readers the “best” of his finds. He says, ” It’s all worth it to discover my next world’s best food, and that’s what Menusniper.com is all about!”

Recently he visited Santa Rosa Beach and fell head over heels for The Donut Hole’s breakfast. I’ve been eating at the Santa Rosa Beach location since Highway 98 was just two lanes, which is a long time!  So, I agree with JT, he did in fact find one of the “best” gold mines in town.

The Donut Hole is located at 6745 Highway 98 serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Hours of operation are 6:00 am-10:00 pm Monday through Sunday.Phone: (850) 267-3239



One of America’s best breakfasts is served at The Donut Hole Bakery and Cafe in Santa Rosa Beach and Destin, Florida.

Start off with one of America’s best doughnuts–the cream cheese frosted Red Velvet Cake Doughnut. Like a $4 Red Velvet Cupcake, it was moist and rich.  They are a must try when you’re visiting the Florida Panhandle.  But if you want to try the red velvet doughnut, be sure you get to the Donut Hole early because they sell out as early as 8:30am.  (If you love Red Velvet foods, you might like my post about Red Velvet French Toast.)

In addition to their wonderful doughnuts, The Donut Hole also serves some incredible breakfast entrees!

The Texas Sweet Potato Pancakes are some of America’s best pancakes.  What makes these pancakes really pop is the syrup which comes loaded with brown sugar and pecans.  Amazing!

The Donut Hole’s Bayou Omelette is also one of my favorites.  It’s filled with fresh local blue crab meat, peppers, onions and cheese.  My photo is not the best, but if you like blue crab, trust me this will be one of your favorites, too.  And it goes great with a sweet item like the Red Velvet doughnut or the Texas Sweet Potato Pancakes!

Next time you’re in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Sandestin, Seaside, Panama City Beach or anywhere close to these places, be sure to visit The Donut Hole Bakery & Cafe for one of America’s Best Breakfasts.  And y’all come early!  The line gets long quick!


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