Photo Contributor: Yannie Dalton’s Crispy Skin Salmon Bowl

Tucked away inside Seascape’s new Town Centre is the ultimate coffee shop for bean and foodie aficionados, 2 Birds Coffee + Café.

Locally owned and operated by South Louisiana natives turned DC Dwellers, Taylor and Jenifer Roberger were seeking a slower pace for their family when they made the move to the beach. Taylor said, “My wife and I grew up down the street from each other and we both vacationed in Destin. I had the nickname T bird as a kid, and ironically, she had the nickname J bird. When her brother suggested 2 birds for our café, we thought it was the perfect fit!”

As a passionate cook, Taylor knew he wanted to leave the corporate world to make his restaurant dream a reality, and Jenifer being an avid baker agreed. Good, honest, approachable food with an unexpected twist is what you can expect on their menu. “I like getting people to explore new foods that aren’t too scary,” explained Taylor.

Donuts, scones, lemon bars that use the entire lemon, and muffins are all created in house each morning using Jenifer’s recipes, and the sourdough is perfectly crisped for the incredible tartines (artisan toasts), that are not only flavor packed but Instagram worthy.

If looking to spice up your day, plan on ordering the chorizo toast, a play on huevos rancheros, that is smeared with black beans before being piled high with spicy sausage, avocado, pickled onions, and a sunny side up egg.  “All tartines are crafted on sourdough and most of our sandwiches,” explained Tyler. “Our regulars can’t get enough of the crispy skin salmon sandwich made club style and packed with lettuce, bacon, pickled onions, tomatoes and honey mustard.”

For those wanting to indulge, try Tyler’s fried PB & J. “It’s peanut butter and jelly dipped in a French toast batter, that’s rolled in crushed cereal, before being pan fried and absolutely decadent”, explained Tyler. Gluten free and healthy offerings are also available, and the team at 2 Birds can turn any sandwich from the menu into an arugula greens and quinoa grain bowl upon request.

A rotating craft beer schedule, globally sourced wines, and a curated offering of vermouths are also presented, but the primary beverage of choice is the coffee. Tyler said. “I use a roaster out of New Orleans called French Truck. They procure their beans from Central America. We provide classic espresso drinks along with single origin pour overs.”

Whether you’re here on vacation and want to pick up a few pastries, or you live nearby and want to meet up with your friends for lunch, 2 Birds Coffee + Café is an inviting space to linger and savor.

Food News: Working in partnership with St. Joe Company, 2 Birds Coffee + Cafe will soon take over the former Watersound Cafe on 30A.


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