Digital Graffiti Fashion

When the white walls of the homes and businesses at Alys Beach become flanked with works of art called Digital Graffiti, what to wear becomes part of the event as well. The ladies pictured above are in cool, comfortable outfits, with shoes that easily glide over the pebbled walkways that might otherwise become dangerous when admiring the artists work, especially with a cocktail or nibble in hand. 

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach is an innovative and dynamic event that celebrates the many possibilities found at the intersection of art and architecture. During the three-night event, dozens of digital artist finalists from around the globe are invited to showcase their original work and vie for cash prize awards in a juried art competition. Utilizing the latest technologies, the finalists’ art is projected throughout the town on its iconic stark white walls.

Many artists are Digital Graffiti alumni, including past Best of Show winner Yandell Walton, who took home the big prize for her piece, ‘Human Effect‘.

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach

“For a local and intimate venue, Digital Graffiti attracts an impressive range of national and international art, and our ninth year continues this legacy,” said Brett Phares, Digital Graffiti’s curator. “We have a solid list of finalists that have submitted work for projection, from delicate to bold, minimal to maximal, monochrome to unicorn rainbows—we can’t wait to share it all!”

In addition to the displays of juried artwork, the tour will also feature a virtual floor where attendees can interact with artwork and play games, a Digital Graffiti Wall for guest-made artwork, and other interactive pieces.  Attending artists will be on hand to discuss their work in depth with guests.
Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach

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